'Art Attack

We are a collective of creative photographers who are committed to advancing our craft and sharing tips, tricks and talents with each other.

Some would retreat in times such the year 2020. However, this group of ten has used it as an opportunity to grow and refine our approach to photography.


January 2020

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To the Rescue

I was so enamored with the nurturing and mending being done by All Things Wild Rehabilitation, I became their almost-resident, most ardent volunteer photographer.


Texas Photographic Society Blog -October 2020

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My Owl Saga

I hung an owl box in a tree in my backyard that attracted a mated pair. My night cam recorded a fox, a raccoon and 2 different cats, all in the tree, sniffing the owl box. See how that trauma urged me to seek help from a local wildlife rehabilitation center.


Sun City Sun Rays - July 2020

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