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To the Rescue

I was so enamored with the nurturing and mending being done by All Things Wild Rehabilitation, I became their almost-resident, most ardent volunteer photographer.


Texas Photographic Society Blog -October 2020

20200618 Owl release to SSP-22.jpg

Paws 'N Claws

News from All Things Wild Rehabilitation, Inc.

with a few of my favorite images

July 2020

My Owl Saga

I hung an owl box in a tree in my backyard that attracted a mated pair. My night cam recorded a fox, a raccoon and 2 different cats, all in the tree, sniffing the owl box. See how that trauma urged me to seek help from a local wildlife rehabilitation center.


Sun City Sun Rays - July 2020

Owl Saga by Sue Puetz w border.jpg
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