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Owl Chronicles II Jan - Feb/2021

True to the nature of owls, Screech Owls are nocturnal. Hence, for the first five months, I have witnessed only random nighttime visits via my nite cam.

As you know, Texas experienced a snowpocolypse during the first two months of 2021. Hence, night sitings were rare through the snow and ice storms. But the first day after the final frost, they popped out during the day to assess the situation.

It was in March 2020 that I consistently saw two owls. Then only one owl, showing signs of stress. See that at story at My Owl Saga.

I am intrigued that we may now have the same mated pair returning. A sign of that is if the male is the common gray and the female is the morph red.

Come back often. I imagine that we now have eggs incubating in our owl box and the activity will escalate, even during the day.


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