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Owl Chronicles I Oct - Dec/2020

Three years ago, I hung an owl box in a cluster of Oak trees in my back yard. The first year only a throng of ants settled in. The next year year it appeared that we had a couple of lookers but no long-term residents. But last year a mated pair of Screech Owls settled in and raised a family and officially kicked off my Season I of Owl Chronicles. That story became my published Owl Saga in the July 2020 issue of the Sun City Sun Rays.

Rumor has it that Screech Owls return to within 3 miles of their previous abode. Hence, I was counting on at least one mated pair from that first family of seven. Their typical nesting season is October - March and vacate only after their fledglings have taken flight. Since our previous season was so epic, I replaced my owl box with one that was larger and better ventilated and it was ready to let by September 2020.

Voilà. My trail camera soon started catching sightings of animal activity in mid October, albeit, capturing critters not even closely resembling owls. Seeing these recurring visits by raccoons, often in pairs, reminded me of our drama in Season I. However, the reassuring news of occasional sightings of an owl - only one at a time - gave me hope.

Come back often to follow the trials and tribulations of hosting and nurturing an owl family in the wild.

The images shown here are over the period Oct - Dec 2020.


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