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Dreaming of Life on the Road (again)

We lived on the road in a MotorHome for four years sans

home base. It was our best adventure ever and we would

have continued for another 10 years.

Unfortunately, Rob needed back surgery so we opted for a home base and sold our 2008 Holiday Rambler. It turned out to be a sound plan since his back surgery turned into three surgeries with physical rehab following each.

Three years later, with a renewed urge to travel, we loaded up our suburban and headed to Montana once again to spend the summer, this time in a condo. Note to self: it’s much easier to travel long distance in a MotorHome when you carry multi-season clothing, camera gear, golf clubs, a laptop. . . And the added benefit of avoiding hotels . . .

Living on the road again was beckoning but we concluded a trailer would best fit our needs. In spring of 2020 we purchased a trailer to pull behind our GMC suburban. We deemed it adaptable - until our first trip (a one-nite stand) and we returned it to the dealership for a resale.

Not deterred by a bad decision, we remembered that we had originally considered an Airstream and began our search. In August 2020 we purchased a Bambi 22 and were on the road again. On one of our early treks, a handsome millennial admired our Airstream, said he dreams of owning one and added “It’s a cult, right?” What?

Regardless of being perceived as ‘cult cool’, again it was not a good fit. It was too small, no space to cook or carry an outdoor grill, no storage space, . . . So, the Airstream was back on the market and sold quickly - thanks to ‘cult cool’.

We had happily lived in a MotorHome and we were searching again for that happy place. Voilà. Along came a Fleetwood Discovery Motorhome that fit us most nearly to our original Holiday Rambler. We purchased it in late 2020.

This may seem as if these decisions were made on a whim. However, our first of these three purchases happened in early 2020, the beginning of the COVID-19 stay-in-place orders. Hence, the work force that could work at home did and others went mobile, creating a demand for mobile living arrangements. Hence, as each of our mobile units were back on the market, there was a an intrinsic market for it.

Notwithstanding our diligent search, my friends have suggested that the title of this post be “Goldilocks and the Three Campers”.


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