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Brazos Bend SP Diva Meetup

Fourteen lady photogs shared joy, companionship and photography tips in the midst of oppressive humidity, swarming raptor-sized mosquitos and lurking alligators.

Accommodations were rustic - four walls, four windows, one escape door, two power plugs and plenty of room for sleeping bags on the bare floor. A few opted for a cozy hotel room but we all gathered at the cabin for breakfast and lunch around the grill on the patio.

The bath house was a mere 40 yards through the woods. It didn’t appear unbearably inconvenient until, walking alone at midnight, I met a small herd of wild hogs the first night there.

My goal was to capture an image of an alligator strolling along the embankment but I always had my eye on an escape route or a tree to scale. The alligators didn’t accommodate me but we enjoyed a plethora of herons (blue and Golden Crested Night Heron), Galinules, Moorhens and one lonely Red-shouldered Hawk.

Before we left the park, we planned a second meetup, same place. However, along came COVID-19 and our plans were disrupted.


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