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Five Faces of a Red Tailed Hawk

On a recent trip to Galveston, photographers Shelia, Linda, Trish and I visited the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. We were hoping for sightings of the resident bobcat family but missed their daily treks to the watering hole. We did, however, spot the nest of a Crested CaraCara mated pair but this yielded no opportunity without disturbing them.

We foraged on in search of an Osprey, an owl, a Roseate Spoonbill or any bird-in-flight, preferably toward us, but again without success.

But to our surprise a Red Tailed Hawk entertained us by showing off his varied portrait poses. Every time we inched forward to get on with our search of other varied species, this Hawk pounced to a fence post just ahead of us. Hence, we filled our camera cards to accommodate him/her. Here is just a sampling.

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