• Sue Puetz

In the Midst of Donkeys

There is a lot to learn from donkeys, especially their pace. And their quest for friendship.

I volunteer my photography efforts at Blue Moon Equine Rescue and Sanctuary. It is the home for donkeys rescued from the slaughter pipeline and a variety of other animals who are in need of a safe home.

My typical work day is to record the daily happenings by making images of moms with new babies, pick up and/or delivery of donkeys re-homed, everyday chores e.g. feeding and mucking, and the assorted escapades that donkeys enjoy. Today we had a visit from a Farrier to clean and trim hooves.

When a fence was damaged recently a few of the donkeys took a stroll across a field to a neighbor’s home who also had a few donkeys. I was there to video their retrieval and bring them back home.

There is much to learn from a donkey. They are stubborn and curious, do not respect your space and have unique personalities and identifiable markings. Their pace is with purpose.

My job doesn’t stop when I leave their sanctuary. I process my images, pick my favorites, and share them with Blue Moon. Then we discuss their best use for inspiring others who support their goal of donkey rescue.